Thursday, September 04, 2008

electric picnic

what a weekend, have only just caught up with myself! Had such a larff. Made some new friends, drank a few cans and had a few schmokes. The only thing that fucked it up was the shagging weather!! It was ok fri, ok sat, sun was shinning on sunDAY, then at about 1am it was like fecking monsoon season. The tent was distroyed we slept in the car. i was never so cold!! but that was the only bad thing AND it was at the end of the weekend so at least we didn't have to put up with the rain all wkend.

I'm sure everyone who was there has posted about it so i won't bore you with my synopses, only to say the comedy tent ruled!! i want to be a comedian, but i don't have the balls, (literally)

anyhu here are some pics!

des bishop and andrew maxwell

the legend that is David o'Doherty

andrew maxwell

crazy light thing, class

grafitti thingy, also class!


  1. And even more jealous!

    I am soo going next year!

  2. yes and so you should be as i was, actually that close to the stage at comedy tent. I'd forgotten what a ride des bishop was

  3. yes somewhat green with jealousy too.......but hey I did get to work two thwelve hours shift and a sunday afternoon so the fun wasn't all yours......I'll be outside crying if anyone needs me......

  4. no seriously manuel you win, best wkend ever!!


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