Monday, September 08, 2008

Little of column A, little of column B

Bringing me down (to Chinatown)
The All Ireland. Disaster. I've been trying to avoid news reports all day but can't help catching the odd detail of the Cats' return to Kilkenny. Broke my feckin heart they did.

The fact that my bag and everything in it now smells like yoghurt, thanks to a contained explosion of Fruit of the Forest this morning.

It's still only Monday.

That some little scumbag sucker punched my Dad at the Debs (he's the principal) during the week. Now, I'm not usually one to condone violence but that fucker has hopefully got all kinds of pain coming his way.

Making me smile
I beat the boyf and two of his mates at Wii Bowling yesterday, having never played it before and it was my second time ever playing the Wii. It temporarily made up for the crushing defeat in Croker, witnessed only an hour or two before.

It's actually sunny out. Who knew?

Stepbrothers. It's really stupid but quite funny all the same.

My hot date with T Cup on Friday. We're going to see No Man's Land in the Gaysh Theatre, it's starring Michael Gambon and David Walliams, no less. Cos that's just how we roll, baby.

The Mighty Boosh in the Olympia on the 17th. Booked my tickets in February. Obsessed much? A much too much.



  1. Was there some kind of match on?

    Wii bowling is great. I am so lazy I hardly ever play it.

  2. That was some beating in the hurling alright. Sorry :-(


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