Thursday, September 18, 2008


Just when I thought I couldn't love the Mighty Boosh any more, I got to go to the aftershow party in the Academy on Tuesday night and the show itself last night, and AMAZING doesn't even begin to cover it! It was part stand-up, part panto and part gig, kind of a big dirty bag of comedy pick n' mix. There were some brilliant (and well deserved) digs at the thieving Honey Monster, but not enough crimping for my liking. Then again it's probably better not to overdo something like that or it becomes too much of a gimmick. I was just so freakin happy to see the Hitcher and Charlie run amok onstage, not to mention in awe of Noel Fielding's ridiculously great (albeit fairly short) legs. Anyway the whole thing was hilarious and even with the super shiny and sparkly set design and props, it still had the slightly thrown together, bits-falling-off, "was that meant to happen?" charm of the TV show and the previous live tour and I loved it. (T took some loverly photos, below)

I'm going to the book signing in Easons on Saturday because, yes, I'm a nerdy fangurl and the new book looks GAWJUS. It's even on the Creative Review website, so as a graphic designer it's my duty to have an interest. And to do my best not to melt like a pink bitch in front of them.



  1. I'm glad they are still good live, I was so disappointed by the third season of the boosh that I didn't get past the first two episodes.

  2. Ah you should've stuck with it red, it got better! I still liked the 3rd series, but I know a lot of folk didn't. I think they're at their best when live though, suppose it stands to reason seeing as it's how they started.

  3. got out of a cab in a total grump on Thursday and almost walked right into Vince Noir himself - was too cross at being late to do a shy wave or nuttin.

    Bah. Also, that golden skirt he was wearing towards the end was BOLLOCK TASTIC. My eyes, they were glued.

  4. I know what you mean Kirstie, I couldn't take my eyes off his crotch for the entire second half of the show! Quite distracting it was.


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