Tuesday, September 09, 2008

So you going on any holiers, this year?

check out that ass, but look at her hair!!!

only a few people in the world can get away with an outfit like this, Pixie Geldof

Pixie Geldof has been sporting a blonde cropped hairdo of late, and i want it! It has me all a flutter. So much so I'm heading straight into the hair dressers on saturday to get "The Pixie" no pun intended. (thursdays were all booked up)

I love this hairdo looks easy to handle too which is always a bonus. Right now i'm sporting the Sarah Harding "do"

Which is fab when you get it right, but then it grows and you end up with one side of your head bigger than the other!! i might go back to this style in the future though. I tend to get bored with my hair a lot. I've had blonde, fire engine red, auburn, black, plum, brown, orange for a while, dark purple and green hair (the green was when all the colours ran into each other) i've never been tempted to dye it pink or blue or any non natural colour, although now my hair is short i could be tempted as it won't last as long. My hair has been practically scalped, shoulder length, bobbed to within an inch of its life and long, I've had full fringes, side fringes and no fringe, layers no layers choppy and for short time in primary school i had the dreaded step!

My stylist has recently left for Australia for a year, Noooo i finally found one who had it all, her own hair was fab, good advertisement, she knew exactly what she was talking about, but, then she ups and leaves. Typical! hopefully the girl she recommended is good but i have faith. i have only ever once been unhappy with my hair. (the afore mentioned step)

the only thing is the price, especially up here but you know, it's like i always say. "rent what rent?"

i just love getting my hair done. i love going in getting treated like royalty, having a chat with your stylist about your hair. I love the cups of tea, and the feeling like a new woman when you leave. You look and feel great. it's better than a make up trial at mac! so roll on saturday 11.30.


  1. When did you ever have purple hair? When you say the Sarah Harding do, I presume that doesn't include the nipple flashing bit right? Right?

  2. no just her hair but you know me, i had purple hair in school. i know it's unbelievable but i had a life before cit, believe it or not. (ooooohhhhhh)

  3. I love my hairdresser - Suzanne at House of Colour on the Quays - She does exactly what I want and is the only person I know who can actually cut curly hair properly.

    I had pink hair for a while- but it was totally accidental and not at all flattering. I used to have different colour every few months but my hair was in such crap condition that I now I have stopped and I am mid discovery of my natural colour weird. I haven't seen it since I was about 13.

  4. And did you see Posh's new do ?
    See Here

    I like it.

  5. yea i saw it earlier on today, i'm not sure about yet, think it looks like a hat. she has a big forehead i don't think short fringes suit that

  6. Oh, I like it! I think she can pull it off, its like Halle Berry's hair used to be.

  7. I am so badly in need of a trip to the hairdresser it ain't even funny...bless me father i have sinned; it's been 7.5 months since my last haircut.Yup that bad.

    I envy you for being able to change styles regularly,i'm dying to try something different but haven't a clue what to do:P

  8. I think it makes her look less gaunt.

    Green - Try here - Great fun

  9. green eye - shame on you 7 and half months!! get thee to a stylist if your in dub area i recommend halo off georges street they'll sit you down and discuss what you want

    lottie- maybe it's the pic but nah

  10. And I've just decided to grow my hair back- they both (Posh & Pixie) look amazing. How sure am I that I want to grow my hair...?

  11. Okay ladies - we're all off the the hairdressers then!

  12. @red - how long/short is your hair now?

    @lottie - i can't friggin wait i mite even put a pic up MITE

    my friend told me last night she paid 75e to have her hair cut t'other day, 75 quid!!! you must be joking!!

  13. I went from a lifetime of shoulder blade length curly, red hair to a short bob about a year ago. Sometimes it behaves and sometimes not so I've decided to go for long enough to tie back on ridiculous days...those pictures do have be thinking twice though...

  14. i meant to comment on this post before but was distracted by Sarah's nipple in the picture.

    and now i've forgotten what it was i had to say.


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