Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lazy Posting

But how amazing are these AT&T ads? Our friend Miss Dizzle came upon them on a recent trip to Amerikay. It's just hands in all of them!


Monday, September 29, 2008

Stoopid ads...

"so what's the silliest thing you've done in college?"

you know the ad,... its angers me a lot. number one, the answers make me want to tell those people in the ads that they need to change their nappy.

"wore my jocks outside my pants all day"


if they asked me what was the silliest (don't get me started on the use of that word too) thing i've done in college my answer would be like this.

i spent all of second year drinking, and sleeping around on my fella....so aib what have ya got for me then?

that is all

Who knew?

For a while now I had been dithering over the question of whether or not I loved Himself. It was at the back of my mind since I posted about him saying he does and every so often it would poke me in the brain and say "yeah, but do ya?". I'm indecisive at the best of times, last week I even had a dream about spending an hour in Centra trying to pick a flavour of Ben & Jerry's. I wasn't sure if it was because I had been single for so long and maybe that part of me just needed a kick to get going again.

Anyway, I got some bad news while at home in Waterford on Friday, and even though I was relatively fine with it all weekend, I just really really wanted a massive bear hug from him. He was away on a stag trip and I was three hours from Dublin anyway so it was all the one really. He called over last night and I eventually told him what was going on but burst into tears in the process, even though I actually am alright with it, I think it was just that I was telling him. The fact that he managed to make me laugh almost straight away and was just brilliant in general booted everything into place. I actually do love him, and told him so later on that night before we both fell asleep.


Friday, September 26, 2008

we signed up will you?

The above link is for blog action day. With the way blogs have just taken over the internet this seems like a really good idea. So basically on the 15th of october red lemonade will be blogging about poverty, as will over 4000 other bloggers click the link to find out more.

that is all


Thursday, September 25, 2008

i fuckin hate...

....David Blaine, he has done another "stunt" in new york hanging upside down, woooo. wow david wow seriously that's quiet a feat, slap. on. the. back. for you, let me just step back for a minute and take in that 'courageous' attempt at...at...at... oh i dunno what the fuck was is, you cock sucker!

well david if it's such a magic "trick" then tell me why am i hanging upside down every Sunday morn from the night before eh? Does that make me a fecking magician, because if it does the whole nation of ireland are magicians. The biggest trick you every did was fooling the world into believing that you are a magician, or whatever the fuck you claim to be. Get a real job you waste of a human. At least Keith Barry is a bit of craic, and Derren Brown is a bit of show man although i don't really like him either. I mean he didn't even do it all the way through he stopped for water and piss breaks, david you are a piss break!! Dive of death? Would you ever just dive into a bath of toxic waste, that's a dive of death. where. you. die.

What do your stunts prove? FUCK ALL that's what. if you did it to raise awareness for something like the aids crisis in Africa or local charities or whatever then i might tolerate you but you do it to test your strenght as a human and how far you can push the human body. If i grab your balls right from the barse then we'll test your strength as a human *snort*, that's if you have any.

such a bag of shit!!! if ever there was a wank stain that should have been its you. please go away and work in your rightful place, McDonalds cleaning toilets.

@reporter - "so david what's your new trick?"
@david - "i'm going to clean this toilet with some bleach and make you think it's hygenic" - all said in avery boring one tone annoying american voice.

that is all...

Loves it!

I haven't had much interest in Desperate Housewives since the first series really, but I love me some retro pin-up girlies and this picture for the new series is genius. Although it looks like they've airbrushed a half stone of sexiness onto Teri Hatcher.


Why my head hurts

Was supposed to meet himself and some of his mates after work yesterday for €3.50 pints in the Purty Kitchen. What I didn't expect was to wind up at a preview night of some fancy schmancy members club about eight hundred flights of stairs above it. Some of the lads just wandered into it while looking for the roof terrace and nobody told us to leave so we did the decent thing and scoffed a fuckload of mini burgers, bits of chicken on sticks and, for two of the boys anyway, oysters. Not to mention the free cocktails, namely strawberry daiquiris and something with Coke, lime and possibly rum in it. All of the above made me quite sociable and as a result I got on like a house on fire with The Friends.

At different points throughout the night I:

-Sang (screeched?) along to Careless Whisper with three of the lads on mime-saxophone.
-Had a conversation half in dodgy French for no particular reason with my new friend D about his jealous girlfriend.
-Got stuck in a Budda Bag.
-Had to ward off a gay fella in the unisex toilets who wanted to feel my boobs.
-Found out that Jonathan Rhys Myers is kinda short but broader than you'd think, according to N who works as an extra on The Tudors.

Yep. Us in a members club. Probably won't be happening again anytime soon but I'm well in there with the mates now at least!


oh mo DHIA!

"centralise" is not a word!!!

stupid sales people!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hot stuff comin' through

This ad is so silly but great fun and she's at least eight kinds of sexy.

I love her.

Pesky kids

Went along to the Boosh book signing last Saturday, apparently there were tickets that you needed to get the book signed but we chanced our arms anyway. And by we I mean me and a very patient boyfriend who was willing to put up with the headwrecking neon tutu-ed and glitter encrusted fourteen year olds ahead of us for the best part of an hour just so I could get the Boosh boys to scribble on my shiny new copy. We had been warned about three times by various staff members that no ticket meant it mightn't get signed but sure I had to give it a go. Because it looked like we might have gotten hunted out of the queue before we reached the desk, I wasn't really thinking about what the hell I would say to either of them and wasn't nervous or anything.

Till it was my go.

All of a shot I was standing in front of Julian Barratt, squeaking "Hi!" as my mind went completely blank. I got distracted by how broad his shoulders are and have to say I second T Cup's weird crush nomination. I totally would. I said thanks as he passed the book over to (ahhh!) Noel Fielding. Noel Fielding! To be honest I didn't ever proper fancy him, I mean I loved looking at him, he's got a great face but he's just too dinky for me. Well that's what I thought. Again, all I could do was say hi and thanks, only this time I threw in a parting "You're a legend!". Uhh. He's fecking gorgeous close up, all massive eyes and flawless skin and I'm 95% sure he was checking me out. Well, he definitely looked at my boobs anyway! Of course Himself doesn't get all giddy and useless around famous people and just chatted away to them after me about Dublin and their mental busy schedule, shook their hands and was cool as a feckin breeze! No fair! My brain just turned to mush! Ah well, I got my book signed and had two of my favourite famous people ever smile at me. They actually just looked a bit relieved to be talking to relatively normal people and not more screaming and hyperventilating teenagers. Yay us!

And here's a few rubbish ones from the aftershow party last Tuesday.

Look! He pointed in my general direction! Doesn't take much to get me excited really, does it?


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Got Milk

lottie tagged me there last week to do this meme bout the milk so here it is, its my profile pic in my bowl of milk!! i forgot last wk sorry dudes and dudettes!! so here is my bath of milk, (my hair is actually a lot shorter now since that picture was done.)

so now i tag raptureponies and littlemisswonders

and link it back to this talented lady annie

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Rage

You know that radio ad for car insurance, I think it's for One Direct or something and yer man says his speil with bits missing, and then repeats it intact?

It makes me want to smash things. A lot.


i want food

i'm fecking starved. i mean it's not like a i hadn't a breakfast i did, i had two shredded wheat with hot milk. mmm delicious. but, for some reason i'm fecking starving still. i can kinda smell some sort of food in the distance, i not sure what it is but... sniff sniff... it has a hint if fried onion and a .... SSSSNNNNNIIIFFF..... dash of meat. yea def some form of meat there, bovine would be my suspicion.

oh god i'm going to fade. it's only 11.17 am!! when's lunch again? i'm starting to see white spots... and now they are turning into dancing burgers. very co-ordinated dancing burgers might i add!!

maybe ill have some toast.

Arghh... there's no bread!!

I'm soo excited..

...ohh weeee, and i just can't hide. well i actually i have to. My bro is coming back from a year away tomo night, he wants to surprise our ma and da. So he's staying up here for a while before he heads home later on during the week. I got all teary when he rang me. This weekend should be good craic, so.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Just when I thought I couldn't love the Mighty Boosh any more, I got to go to the aftershow party in the Academy on Tuesday night and the show itself last night, and AMAZING doesn't even begin to cover it! It was part stand-up, part panto and part gig, kind of a big dirty bag of comedy pick n' mix. There were some brilliant (and well deserved) digs at the thieving Honey Monster, but not enough crimping for my liking. Then again it's probably better not to overdo something like that or it becomes too much of a gimmick. I was just so freakin happy to see the Hitcher and Charlie run amok onstage, not to mention in awe of Noel Fielding's ridiculously great (albeit fairly short) legs. Anyway the whole thing was hilarious and even with the super shiny and sparkly set design and props, it still had the slightly thrown together, bits-falling-off, "was that meant to happen?" charm of the TV show and the previous live tour and I loved it. (T took some loverly photos, below)

I'm going to the book signing in Easons on Saturday because, yes, I'm a nerdy fangurl and the new book looks GAWJUS. It's even on the Creative Review website, so as a graphic designer it's my duty to have an interest. And to do my best not to melt like a pink bitch in front of them.


The mighty friggin boosh

i was always a fan but Kitty was the fanatic, but last night changed that they are so good, it should be illegal. ok set the scene 8pm wed evening, place The Olympia dublin. Kitty had been to see them the night before at the after show party and was wrecked. There was a notable absence of giddyness and knicker wetting on her part as she was wrecked but i know inside she was like a puppy on e. anyway nothing i could say here would ever come close to what they were like. so here are a few pics.

ps new weird crush julian barratt???

weird crushes

with my new found weird crush for julian barratt, it got me thinking about weird crushes and what your are prepared to tell people. i have a few and they are all much older than me, i don't know what thay says about me.

So here is my list, in no particular order.

1. Michael Palin
2. Ronnie Wood
3. Julian Barrett (new entry)
4. Jeremy Irons
5. is it stil weird to have a crush on Richard Hammond?
6. Gordan Ramsay

so come on fess up who are yer weird crushes??

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


God (cos he can help, with this problem) i just had the blaa-est lunch ever a roll wit egg mayo and rashers. it was just blaa. God my lunches are just so blaa these days, all that's near my office is Spar and it has the blaa-est selection of sandwiches ever. at least on wed i have a falaffel. but that's getting boring and is doing nothing for my digestive system. it comes out faster than it goes in!! (sorry) oh well at least i have a crunchie to console my self.

ahhh... just remembered i didn't leave out my chops to defrost for my dinner, grr......

Monday, September 15, 2008

Pints, bras and shame.

What the?

It's Monday again?

Amazing how an impromptu day session of a Saturday robs your weekend right from under your nose. Friday night saw us get all cultured for No Man's Land in the Gate though, so we can actually be cilvilised when we need to be. You wouldn't think it when we're completely lamped at six o'clock in the evening wandering towards Harold's Cross and wondering why it's so bright out.

Prior to the pints/wine/vodka flavoured mess that was Saturday afternoon, evening and night, I ventured into La Senza on Grafton Street, inspired by T's bra post below and all the helpful comments she got. I don't think I'd ever been in a proper La Senza shop before. On occasion I've wandered into their section in Debenhams by accident before realising where I was and storming out without even looking around since I was convinced they wouldn't have anything remotely pretty for my 36DD boobs. Wrong! I got so carried away I ended up shelling out around €80 on bras and knickers, as you do.

Of course this meant that I spent the rest of the day getting hammered while dragging around a massive pink and black bag that screamed "SEXY UNDIES!". Which wasn't as embarrassing as getting sick out the third story window of one of the girls' bedrooms circa 3am. Náire an domhain.



.... this weekend just seemed to fly past! It was almost as if saturday didn't really happen! which i suppose for me it didn't as i have a bit of a memory loss from saturday, because of the demon drink.

11:30 get hair done finish around 3pm
3:00 the bleeding horse, to meet my buddy A, finished there by bout 6pm
6pm went to a's house drank a bottle of wine
8pm went to my other friends house stayed drinking there til 2am

so the moral of the story is,.. ah .... well.. i didn't get a chance to buy my bra ok, after my big rant i know! so i have to do it on friday evening now instead.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Well, it's official.

The gospel according to Facebook.

Do I get to be smug now?


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

So you going on any holiers, this year?

check out that ass, but look at her hair!!!

only a few people in the world can get away with an outfit like this, Pixie Geldof

Pixie Geldof has been sporting a blonde cropped hairdo of late, and i want it! It has me all a flutter. So much so I'm heading straight into the hair dressers on saturday to get "The Pixie" no pun intended. (thursdays were all booked up)

I love this hairdo looks easy to handle too which is always a bonus. Right now i'm sporting the Sarah Harding "do"

Which is fab when you get it right, but then it grows and you end up with one side of your head bigger than the other!! i might go back to this style in the future though. I tend to get bored with my hair a lot. I've had blonde, fire engine red, auburn, black, plum, brown, orange for a while, dark purple and green hair (the green was when all the colours ran into each other) i've never been tempted to dye it pink or blue or any non natural colour, although now my hair is short i could be tempted as it won't last as long. My hair has been practically scalped, shoulder length, bobbed to within an inch of its life and long, I've had full fringes, side fringes and no fringe, layers no layers choppy and for short time in primary school i had the dreaded step!

My stylist has recently left for Australia for a year, Noooo i finally found one who had it all, her own hair was fab, good advertisement, she knew exactly what she was talking about, but, then she ups and leaves. Typical! hopefully the girl she recommended is good but i have faith. i have only ever once been unhappy with my hair. (the afore mentioned step)

the only thing is the price, especially up here but you know, it's like i always say. "rent what rent?"

i just love getting my hair done. i love going in getting treated like royalty, having a chat with your stylist about your hair. I love the cups of tea, and the feeling like a new woman when you leave. You look and feel great. it's better than a make up trial at mac! so roll on saturday 11.30.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Little of column A, little of column B

Bringing me down (to Chinatown)
The All Ireland. Disaster. I've been trying to avoid news reports all day but can't help catching the odd detail of the Cats' return to Kilkenny. Broke my feckin heart they did.

The fact that my bag and everything in it now smells like yoghurt, thanks to a contained explosion of Fruit of the Forest this morning.

It's still only Monday.

That some little scumbag sucker punched my Dad at the Debs (he's the principal) during the week. Now, I'm not usually one to condone violence but that fucker has hopefully got all kinds of pain coming his way.

Making me smile
I beat the boyf and two of his mates at Wii Bowling yesterday, having never played it before and it was my second time ever playing the Wii. It temporarily made up for the crushing defeat in Croker, witnessed only an hour or two before.

It's actually sunny out. Who knew?

Stepbrothers. It's really stupid but quite funny all the same.

My hot date with T Cup on Friday. We're going to see No Man's Land in the Gaysh Theatre, it's starring Michael Gambon and David Walliams, no less. Cos that's just how we roll, baby.

The Mighty Boosh in the Olympia on the 17th. Booked my tickets in February. Obsessed much? A much too much.


waterfords best player yesterday

this is my little niece yesterday, her da is from waterford so hence the get up. And she was the best thing about waterford yesterday. What do you say? no seriously what do you say?

Friday, September 05, 2008

i'd like to distance myself from the below post

i'm not a fan of waterford or pretty much hurling, i mean i watch it, i enjoy it, and if tipp have managed to lift there heads out of there arses then i'll support them but, for me it's all a bit nah.

so on a completly unrelated topic thanks to lottie, i now love this guy!!

Super Sunday

Legendary Kilkenny goalkeeper Ollie Walsh gets a makeover.
Quite an improvement, no?

They were like gold dust all around the country. No amount of begging, pleading, bargaining, haggling, sexual favours offered or proving of Déise-ness made any difference. They were clocking in at €600 on needaticket.ie and any possible contacts proved empty-handed. The search was likened to finding hen's teeth. I am informed that this is something quite difficult to do. Things were looking grim. Forty five years since the Déise made an appearance at an All Ireland Final and I was going to have to watch it on the telly.

Then lo, the light of my phone shone yesterday evening.
A text message.
From my brother's girlfriend.

Hey Kitty, how are you?
Do you still want a ticket for the All Ireland?

DO I WHAT! Salvation. In the lower Hogan stand no less.

Come Sunday at 3.30 I'll be found swearing my tits off at those black and amber bastards and I can't. Fucking. Wait.



Thursday, September 04, 2008

electric picnic

what a weekend, have only just caught up with myself! Had such a larff. Made some new friends, drank a few cans and had a few schmokes. The only thing that fucked it up was the shagging weather!! It was ok fri, ok sat, sun was shinning on sunDAY, then at about 1am it was like fecking monsoon season. The tent was distroyed we slept in the car. i was never so cold!! but that was the only bad thing AND it was at the end of the weekend so at least we didn't have to put up with the rain all wkend.

I'm sure everyone who was there has posted about it so i won't bore you with my synopses, only to say the comedy tent ruled!! i want to be a comedian, but i don't have the balls, (literally)

anyhu here are some pics!

des bishop and andrew maxwell

the legend that is David o'Doherty

andrew maxwell

crazy light thing, class

grafitti thingy, also class!

Oh la la, quelle pique-nique!

So now that I'm some bit nearer to a recovered state, here's how my side of the Picnic weekend in blue tights and a €15 tent from Dunnes went.

Best bits

Laughing my ass off in the Comedy tent watching the two lads from I Dare Ya, Des Bishop, Andrew Maxwell and the low-fi legend that is David O'Doherty, fresh from kicking ass over in Edinburgh. Managed to get to the front for the D.O.D. and was petrified that I'd be asked something, since I have what has been classified as a "volunteer head", but managed to escape notice this time.

Goldfrapp. Bopped along happily to Strict Machine and Ooh La La, I way prefer their electro dancey stuff to the dreamy sleepy Seventh Tree songs. That's my story and I'm stickin to it.

Tucan in the Body and Soul area on the lovely stage that looked like it had Skittles stuck all over it. Although they had clearly been drinking solid all the night before, they rocked it with their crazy fast acoustic guitar brilliance and deadly pink sunglasses. They sound like Rodrigo y Gabriella and they're from Sligo - check them out if you know what's good for ya.

Getting to see Franz Ferdinand, Underworld and Santogold, all from a distance. Santogold had the Cosby Stage jammed full and rightly so, she's all NY cool, full of energy and was giving it loads.

Stumbling upon Dangerous Dolly doing this in the Lost Vagueness Asylum.

Dancing like a lunatic to George Clinton and his funky band featuring an old man in a nappy and a rollerskating hottie in a pink sequinned catsuit.

Getting to see CSS, Grinderman and Hercules & Love Affair. All were amazing and I still can't get my head around the fact that foxy Nomi of H&LA used to be (still is?) a dude.

Playing Battleships and drinking hippy organic cider in the sunshine in the Walled Garden. Blissorama.

The silent disco, especially when Jump Around came on. I know all the words.

The craic in the campsite (Hendrix was where it was at!). So many catchphrases were born, none of which would make any sense to anyone who wasn't there, and they barely did at the time. A rousing rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart, sung by ten of us to our friend Maz while she was in the jacks won't be forgotten in a hurry. Especially when a random girl in stripey tights joined in for the hell of it. Loving your work.

Not-so-great bits
Waking up in the Cinema tent to The Wizard of Oz with Dark Side of the Moon played over it, which to be honest, just wrecked my head. Although that could have been down to the shifting couple that kept brushing off me or the fella in front of me who was video recording it on his phone. The film that is, not the couple.

The long-drop toilets in the campsite. By Sunday morning the people in the queue were retching. Not sexy.

The torrential motherfucking rain on Sunday night, which meant we couldn't watch the wooden temple getting torched at 2am and my cheap ass tent developed a puddle in the middle of it. Waking up Monday morning with wet hair thanks to leaky seams did not a happy Kitty Cat make!

Anyway, the not so great things were minor compared to the big dirty weekend of fun that it was. Can't friggin wait for next year!