Thursday, August 28, 2008

yez ar' wreckin me buzz..

got this lovely email off ticketmaster this morning. Talk about wrecking me buzz. i love how they signed off "best regards" yea right not with a nazi attitude like that! best regards my eye!

Why ai aughta....

Do not come to the event if you do not have a ticket.
Do not remove your wristband as you will need it to gain access around the site throughout the weekend.
Do not bring cameras or recording equipment into the grounds.
Do not bring glass bottles or containers.
Do not crowd surf, pyramid build or crowd mosh as you will be removed from the venue without a refund.
Do not Park illegally. Free parking will be provided. Please follow signage.
Do not camp in the car parks. Do not play music in the car parks.
Thank you and enjoy Electric Picnic 2008.

Best Regards

Customer Services Team

screw you man!!!


  1. No cameras? Best of luck enforcing that one.

    My new digital camera is a tampon in disguise - isn't technology great!

  2. HA HA that's brill. Very james bond.

    guarda- open your bag miss
    lottie- its ladies things for ladies!

  3. They forget to add "Do not pull down your pants and shit in the car park". What are you allowed to do at these events?

  4. @gorilla bananas - i know! i suppose they're covering themselves for the insurance. but talk about sucking the fun out of an event!

  5. you home yet? was it good? spill......

  6. ahhh please all that shit happened this weekend...they're just covering their arses!


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