Friday, August 08, 2008

When. Will I. Will I be faaamous?

It's my first ever meme! I've seen a few floating around before and been kinda like someone who isn't invited to a house party and just sort of looking in the window to see what the craic is, so danke schoen to Miss Lottie for cracking open the bathroom window and letting me sneak in. So I must now cast the people to be in Kitty Cat: The Movie. Here goes.

The Rules

List the people who would play you, and the key people in your life.
Give credit to the person who tagged you.
Link your answers to the original blog,
Tag four new people to participate


Hmm. When I was little my Dad's art students used to rave about how I was the spit of Hannah in Neighbours. Funnily enough, I got braces around the same time as she did. So for the flashbacks maybe something could be done with old footage of Neighbours, dubbed over with a Waterford accent. Sort of like Soupy Norman but probably not quite as funny.

More recently though, I've been told I look like Alyson Hannigan (Yes, her of the band camp shenanigans. And out of Buffy), which could work as she does the whole awkward, not knowing what to say, kinda nerdy girl thing nicely. Failing that, I wouldn't mind Zooey Deschanel giving it a whack, since she's got the big eyes and quirky thing going on, and she's superhot with nice hair so I'd look good! And my fringe is a bit like hers in this photo:

My homies

T-Dog could be a tricky one. She changes her hair every four minutes or so, and it always suits her so maybe a lady like Brittany Murphy could pull it off. (Plus she came up as a match for T, if Bebo pages and are to be believed) She's also cute and a bit small, well able for sarcastic one-liners, bags of attitude and could play the relationship coach that T has become quite well. ie "No! You're NOT to have sex on a fourth date!"

LLM is a cute, big bear type of fella and looks a bit like Justin Lee Collins but smaller, less beardy and not as much gruaig. Plus he's funny so I reckon JLC could do the job.

My mate P-Fish from college is a dead ringer for Colin Farrell, and was told as such by one of our lecturers. Although his actual words were "a gay Colin Farrell". So Col would have to brush up on his ability to put on camp voices and act the maggot. Oh and lose the Dub accent for something more Corkonian.

I reckon my Grandad could be played by Dominic Chianese, aka Junior Soprano, seeing as he actually looks a bit like him (Grandad has nicer glasses though) and I'm from one of the biggest families in my hometown and he's at the head of it all, like a Mafia don. But one who smokes cigars and goes set dancing twice a week.

Supporting characters

Russell Brand could play himself for the scene where I meet him at his book signing. Except this time maybe my Alyson/Zooey incarnation would have something clever and funny to say when he went "mmm!", looked at me like you'd look at a nice cake and told me I had great tits, instead of giggling like a teenager and being unable to say anything but "um...thanks!"

I want David Tennant to be in it somehow. He could be the guy who I buy a Yop from in Spar or something, I don't care, he has to be in it one way or another, and he will. Oh yes indeedy.

Right then, I'm going to ask T Dog to give it a whack as well, and since I don't think very many people read this blog, maybe Conor, Catherine or Manuel will give it a lash if they drop by.




  1. Ooh - Damn you now I want David Tennant in mine too.

    Have you heard Zooey Dechanel's (too lazy to go back and check spelling, but clearly not so lazy that will keep typing randomly about how lazy I am)....album - She & Him. She has a super sexy voice. Well worth a listen even if it does get a little country towards the end.

  2. Coola, might check that out. I knew she was in a band or summat! I think her name is meant to be pronounced Zoey but I can't help saying it like Zooooey in my head when I see it!

  3. Eeks! Off to put my thinking cap on... :)

  4. maybe i will........but not right now...

  5. sorry I am so late in replying... I'd have Hugh Laurie - because someone said he looks like me (although I don't see it) but mainly cause he's a terrific actor!


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