Thursday, August 21, 2008

step away from Gok, Bra burner....

ok i've read a few blogs lately that are about these "make over" shows and the presenters on them, and what they are about. Well i just wanted to put in my two pence worth and say that, ok, trinny and susannah are a bit too in your face sometimes, but i think they started the whole dress for your shape thing. Which in my humble opinion is a very good thing. The show they have on now highlights whats wrong with high street stores for example having the same dresses for a size 10 to 20, which is silly as they are obviously not the same shape. The size 10 girl will look better than the size 20 girl in the same dress or visa versa.

However i think it's Gok Wan, who has really made the right impression (on me anyway). He totally knows what looks good on our different shapes and sizes and makes you feel great about your image. He has a knack for highlighting the good parts of your body. I know some people say that he is seems to be championing this "prioritse your image before everything else" attitude, but i really don't think he is. I know from myself that, if, i feel i look good in whatever I'm wearing, i can face the day and i feel good about myself. Shoot me! i like to look good in clothes. I'm not saying that i prioritise my image before work and family, but is that not obvious. Do we really need to spell it out that these shows are candy floss telly. I really don't think there is any hidden agenda. I fear women can be too PC about body issues. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good (when did that become a mortal sin) and if someone can show me how to look better then fine with me. Bring it on Gok.


  1. I agree with you - I feel that it's natural for a woman to want to look and feel good. It doesn't have to be for anyone other than yourself.

    Perhaps I misinterpreted the post over at the Anti-Room but I don't think they were being particularly critical of Gok Won but appreciating that he was trying to highlight the issue of body dismorphia.

    I never liked Trinny & Susanna and Gok is much more about self confidence than just trying to hide your flaws.

    And yes - any tips to hide my saddle bags. - bring them on!

  2. yea i think it was some of the comments that got me more so than the post itself.


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