Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kick off tomorrow!

It's getting closer and closer and we're so excited! Neither of us went to Le Picnic last year and MAN did I miss it! I've been twice so far and each time had the most fun weekend and this one is shaping up to be just that again! I heard from a source that mindfucker extraordinaire Derren Brown might be ambling around, a thought that quite frankly frightens the hell out of me, as I find him super creepy and in my inevitably drunken state I dread to think what I'll do. Running away scared will probably be most likely but you never know. There's also meant to be a pirate ship in the woods (sure where else!) and I realised last night that the Inflatable Church and cinema tent are there too hooray! I married my friend Molly in something of a shotgun wedding the last time and then danced my face off to "Love Shack" in the church and I can't freakin wait for another three days of sexy mayhem. It's going to be fucking amazing!


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