Tuesday, August 19, 2008

i saw it first!

so i was walking down the highways and byways of dublin town t'other day and i noticed something... girls wearing pretty flowery tea dresses with cowboy boots! Did someone see moi wearing these back at the start of the year and spread the word. i must admit i was a little miffed at it as i liked the idea of having my own individual style (not that its very original i know!) but anyway it got me thinking. I love fashion, LOVE LOVE LOVE IT, my fashion guru is Gok Wan he is an absolute legend. His last series was brill. anyway i want to start blogging a bit about fashion, or at least what i like about fashion.

I love looking at what people are wearing around town and spotting the fashionistas (and the wannabe's). I'm not a fan of what the "kids" are wearing these days. F**cking emo wrecks my head! fashion should make a proper statement it should not make you look like you want to live under a bridge. The roots of emo are punk though and i love punk, now that made people stop and stare. Punk didn't last very long but it still has impact today.

vivienne westwood

The queen of punk Vivienne Westwood is still pushing boundaries today. i love her eclectic mix of the bizzarre and the wonderful. i want her Flapover Wallet in Urban outfitters.

Anyway i was wondering what sort of styles do people go for these days though. Most people always seems to say either Kate or Sienna but what about Agyness, Pixie and Daisy Lowe? Surely we're not all droons, following what black jeans and white vest kate is wearing these days.


  1. My style is very boring and conservative. I don't have the legs to wear skirts or the waist to wear belts or the thighs to wear skinny jeans. I usually just flash a bit of boob with plain boring trousers. I wish I was more adventurous.

    I wore a puff ball dress and leggings to Oxygen and thought I was the coolest thing since ice-cream! I need a Gok Won intervention.

    Have you checked Dublin Streets blog. They just take pictures of randomers on the street wearing cool funky trends. it's a bit addictive.

  2. hehe @ lottie; "I usually just flash a bit of boob "
    When all else fails, you can't go wrong with cleavage!

  3. Ah, a challenge. I'll see your boring and raise you some dull conservative young Lottie. The boobs do work though. Excellent call, I use that card a lot ;)

    I hate it when I try to be elegant or stylish with my boring conservativism and then catch sight of a photo of myself later, and think Oh!No!

  4. ah now ladies i'm sure your not boring. i'm guessing lottie that's you in the pic and i want your top hat! that blog sounds cool too i shall have to investigate!

    belts belts belt will give you a waist even if you don't have one. your oxeygen dress sounds class to but surely you wore a top!

  5. The problem with belts is that they shove all the flubber from around my waist to my hips. It's just not pretty.

    That's my pic - it's one of the only decent ones I have so I'm putting it everywhere - HELLO WORLD - YES I ONLY HAVE ONE CHIN! :)

  6. not if you wear the right ones lottie if gok has thought me anything (and he has!) he seems to champion the big belts and if you wear the big knicker it smooths down your hips etc.

    where did you get your top hat i wanna it!!

  7. @T Dog - you can pick them up in the costume shop across Stephens green SC for €11. Word from the wise (and broke) - don't bring your credit card to these shops - you will come out with feather boas, whips, masks, gloves, false mustaches and a pair of vampire teeth....or maybe that's just me.

  8. thanks for the tip lottie i'm not allowed a credit card though!! will be purchasing a top hat.

  9. " feather boas, whips, masks, gloves, false mustaches and a pair of vampire teeth" ? I'm there!

  10. actually that was one of the things I loved most about New York - you see so many indivicuals there expressing themselves through clothes.I came back full of ideas.

  11. Totally agree conortje - stand on 5th avenue for an hour and you will see the most random, magnificent and weird ensembles. I think a little of this wackiness is starting to filter into Dublin streets owing a lot to the asian immigrants in the country.

  12. hell you should try belfast.....ug boots and velour tracksuits still fly up here. .......horrendous.....

  13. Oh dear, I don't think it's confined to Belfast somehow Manuel! Nothing is worse than the Ugg/pyjamas from Penneys combo though. Nothing.

  14. don't get me started on the pj's and Ugg boots disaters! i actuall like Ugg boots (well the dark brown ones) but those youngs who wear the fake penny's ones have made it next to impossible to wear them and be proud. however i do really like the Uggs that are out at the mo they look a bit like socks but i think they work. "Cardi Uggs" i dread the penny's effort



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