Friday, August 15, 2008

friday's i'm in love

so i'm spending my night all alone tonight i'm going to maybe get a chinese a bottle of wine, (drinking alone though) but a conditioning treatment in my hair and lob on the fake tan. maybe i shouldn't have a bottle of wine? i might end up looking like this

maybe i'll finally watch the godfather parts 2 and 3 but again the wine might not help this situation as you REALLY need to concentrate on what's going on in that. i really need to get cracking on my new year's resolution though, (i promised myself that i'd watch all those films you have to watch before you die, not that i'm planning on dying next next year. But you never know that bus with your name on the bumper could be just around the corner!!)

anyway i'm not sure where i'm going with this post, actually i do i'm trying to avoid doing actual work.

ciao dudes



  1. I spent a night in alone on Friday. I nearly pulled my hair out.

    I had a bottle of wine and some chocolate and movies but the wine managed to stay put. Drinking alone is a bit worrying I think.

  2. in the end i left the wine and opted for the fake tan, it tasted horrible should of had the wine!!!


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