Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Electric Picnic

so it's that time of year again, fingers toes and tits crossed people, that the weather will hold. Ladies and gentlemen i give you "The Electric Picnic" (cue cool alternative music from obscure band no body has heard of, and flash backs to previous years!) is it The or just Electric picnic?? anyway a few essentials for the festival follow;

1. Dry Shampoo. A must for the cailinis especially if like me you have short hair and can't tie the fecker back.
2. baby wipes. These will be your link to hygiene.
3. bog roll, or packets of tissues, the porta bogs will inevitable run out, AND you can use your supply, as a loo cover also. God knows what sckanky ho or dude has been there before, with god knows what was on there behind.
4. water, lots of it.
5. tayto's and a slice loaf. (In case of an attack of the muchies!) I recommend buttering the bread before you head down to the festival. "Be prepared" (as the boy scout i have locked away tells me)
6. lots of socks
7. plasters
8. a pillow
9. something to distinguish your tent from... lets say, brian the guy from leitrim, who has a skwint and has said he has the exact same tent! magic!
9. and of course plenty of booze!!!

oh i recommend david o'doherty in the comedy tent on friday too, he's headlining. soo funny!!

so anyone got any other essentials?? anyone else going?


  1. me, i'm going. we should meet up.

  2. Me!
    If you plan to sleep at all, bring fleecy PJ's - so cuddly and warmy.

    Ditto, ear plugs. The noise is unreal 24/7.

    And flip-flops for the shower - the floor's always filthy.

    Enjoy girlies! I can't wait1

  3. Haha, shower indeed! Baby wipes and dry shampoo all the way! I also say painted nails are a must so you can't see the dirt under them! Classy.

  4. I also suggest a fire extinguisher and a flick knife.....no seriously.......some kids don't want to play fair.....

  5. yea rosie there are showers there put i couldn't be arsed queuing takes up valuable drinking time.

    we should try to spot each other wear a rose or something see do we spot each other!!

  6. manuel takes up too much space in the mala, space that i could use for drink!!

  7. *has visions of TCup trying to smuggle Manuel in in her mála*

  8. Ah but Manuel, EP is all the peace and love! Hippy kids called Tarquin and Sunbeam running around and tie dye as far as the eye can see.. and a surprisingly low skanger count. Wahey! I'm so freakin excited about going!

  9. oh god rosie that's fuuny i didn't realise what i wrote there *hee hee* sorry manuel!! i'll put you in my pocket!

  10. Sunscreen!

    I know it's unlikely to shine but I got burnt in a freak sun attack at Oxygen and I'm still berry red!


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