Tuesday, August 05, 2008

cold wet and miserable

ps this is alas not me

oh my god i got soaked going in to work this morning so wet and horrible. anyhu I liked Ks' list of stuff she didn't know last year so here are mine.

1. that i would be living in dublin and not oz.
2. that i would be now blonde.
3. that i would have less money now than i had in college.
4. that i knew nothing about design (well not as much i thought i did)
5. and i can end a list on an odd number and just to annoy K i will!!


  1. Me? Annoyed by something like that..? Never.

  2. 1. That I would have a cat.
    2. That I would be back in college.
    3. That I would become so lazy
    4. That I like Sushi

  3. oh I forgot to add:

    That I would ever be asked the question; Can Fat Teens Hunt?


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