Monday, July 28, 2008

Vamos chicos

Spanish students. Bloody Spanish students. I taught English for two months in Palencia and they were lovely, well behaved, super-endearing little kids. What is it about Ireland that morphs them into the loudest, most annoying group of (minimum) 20 people that stand in the middle of a footpath and don't show any signs of moving out of ANYBODY'S way? I used to work in a tacky, I mean lovely souvenir shop in Cork and during the Spanish Invasion months we had to get extra security of a Saturday since the little feckers would rob four shamrock/sheep/pint o'Guinness shaped keyrings as soon as look at you. Now the last thing I want to do is wish the summer away, but I'm quite looking forward to being able to walk down Grafton Street without Javier/Pablo/Ignacio/Ines/Maria/Pilar crashing into me because they are unable to look where the fuck they're going or just standing in the entire population of Dublin's way.

Phew. Better now.



  1. it's the back packs that wind me up........everywhere you the bloody back packs follow......bleurgh.....

  2. i'd love to get the backbag and wrap it around there necks

  3. The Italian students seem to be worse this year, in Dublin at any rate. Same big backpacks and pack mentality, but they're also all permanently shifting the faces off each other. Charming.

  4. you're only jealous, Catherine.

    or maybe that's just me...


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