Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The rain in Dublin falls far too bloody often


So I'm back from Italy with about two weeks and have since been up to my lovely eyeballs in work. Rome and Venice were AMAZING and so much fun and if the Trevi Fountain is to be believed, I'm definitely going back sometime! Totally lost the run of myself where ice cream was concerned, I mean how could anyone walk past a counter selling coconut, green apple, pineapple, lemon, orange, white chocolate, even Kinder Egg flavoured ice cream and NOT stop!? And they're on every corner and I frigging love it. Neapolitan is about as exciting as it gets over here, it's so unfair!

This lady was by the Trevi Fountain, doing that usually really annoying human statue thing, but she was one of the best I've seen, she looked great and bobbed when you gave her money, and it was a nice change to see a hot lady do it and not a creepy man all painted silver.

I totally fell in love with Venice, especially with all the gorgeous masks in EVERY shop, they're just amazing, I could look at them all day. Needless to say, I bought myself a lovely cat mask over there. Now I just need to invent a reason to wear it...

So anyway in other, more boy-related news:

Toxic Boy has gotten back with his girlfriend, so that's him off the (metaphorical) table, which is probably a good thing, as major awkwardness would most likely ensue if anything further happened.

The Italian has been texting about meeting up, but he works nights and I was too wrecked all last week to do anything so we haven't gotten round to it yet. So he texted last night saying he'd be free this evening, but he hasn't gotten back to me yet since I replied yesterday. Hmm.

The Boosh Fan has been emailing since I got back and we've been chatting back and forth about all kinds of nonsense, even though I got totally caught out looking at his Bebo page back in the beginning when he saw that someone in Dublin viewed him. Foiled by technology! It's been going really well so far though, and I might suggest meeting up next week sometime. I'm still trying not to build it up too much, like I'm worried if I do meet him and don't like him that's it then, back to the drawing board. But we're getting on much like a house on fire (at least I think so) so you never know.

I'm really starting to proper fancy Rex from Big Brother, not least because I had a sexy dream about him last night...
There's not that many hot redheads really, is there? Apart from Prince Harry and Glen Hansard that is, but they're fairly thin on the ground. Oh, and I really need to work on my addiction, I don't even care about half the stories on there but can't help compulsively checking it, it's ridiculous!

Right, back to work then.


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