Monday, July 14, 2008

Paranoia over

...see? It's Marvin the Paranoid Android...nevermind...

Riiight, so the Italian texted me on Friday, saying he didn't get my message till then and that he hopes to see me soon. I forgot to get back to him, but I think I saw him yesterday. I was crossing the bridge right before my house and this guy walking with a bike passed me, I'm 90% certain it was him, especially since he looked like he was about to stop me! I totally bottled it and kept walking though, quelle wuss! I'll probably try to meet him this week though. Promise.

Also, it turns out the Boosh Fan is at some festival in Holland or something, which is why he didn't get in touch. I had emailed him on Friday suggesting we meet up this week and he said he's getting back on Tuesday so might meet him Wednesday or Thursday, eep!


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