Monday, July 21, 2008

The one where Kitty gets freaked out by sexy texts

Well things are certainly starting to look up on the dating front. Had a second date with Boosh Fan last night, actually I'm going to call him LLM now instead cos BF looks I'm saying boyfriend and it's clearly much too early for such assumptions! (LLM is a short version of his username from the site in case you were wondering) We met up the first time last Wednesday for pints followed by a slightly drunken (well, I was) pizza. So once we got over the initial awkwardness and the odd few "quick, think of something to say" moments, we actually got on really well, lots of common interests, same type of humour, etc etc so plenty of chatting and even a bit of shiftin' towards the end of the night - woo!

However, between Wednesday and last night we had been texting - I managed to inadvertently text that scary Dub man again. Twice. Anyway he started sending me these really dirty messages, things he wants to do to me and the like. And while the actual content sounds like bloody good fun, it was a bit weird since I'd only met him properly the once. So the last one was on Saturday and I just didn't reply for ages, partly because I didn't know what the hell to say and partly because I was caught up in watching Waterford beat Offaly (Ha! You're goin' down Wexford!). So when I eventually did get back to him he asked if it was too much and agreed to take it easy. So apart from the supersexy messages (not that it's necessarily a bad thing, just a bit early..) everything else is good so far, and he even passed the preliminary round of T Dog's suitability test last night when he came in for tea after the cinema. Very important.


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