Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My eyes! My eyes!

I just had to post something to bump down that scary picture from T Dog's post, it freaks me out no end. Scary monkey eyes.

Nothing much to report really...texted the Italian yesterday out of guilt since I hadn't gotten back to him in about a week. But then he rang and I didn't answer, which is a bit lousy I KNOW but I hate talking on the phone and the last time he rang he didn't know what the feck I was saying! He had suggested going for a drink this week and I just said I'm wicked busy in work (I am!) and I'd have to let him know. Argh I don't want to be mean about it but I don't really want to meet up anymore! Things with LLM are fine, the odd text/email here and there which is grand and no horndog messages since I told him tóg go bog é last Saturday. Phew.

Went to see Maeve Higgins preview her Edinburgh set yesterday with the girls in the International. She's very funny and really endearing, I hope she kicks some ass over at the festival! Really must make an effort to go to more gigs and things.


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