Thursday, June 12, 2008

Where's Cilla when you need her?

Right. I've been neglecting the whole Internet dating yoke for a while now, since I got the cold shoulder back along from Topcat. So I've been encouraged by the lovely ladies who blather on not to give up on it. I've been talking a bit to an Italiano who seems sound enough and we've both sort of vaguely suggested meeting up at some point, so maybe I'll actually bite the bullet and go through with it. The thing I've found with these kind of sites though is that it's always the same faces that keep popping up, so it's nearly better to forget about it for a while and then see who's new. So I went on the prowl for new blood today (sounds so predatory-I'm really not though!) and messaged two fellas so we'll see what happens.

(Liza Minelli voice): Maybeee thissss tiiimmmmme!


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