Monday, June 09, 2008

Weekend shenanigans

Interesting weekend.

Went to Sagmeister/Non Format talk on Saturday in The Sugar Club. Needless to say, the nerd count was through the roof seeing as normal people like to go out on a Saturday night and wouldn't be too happy to listen to a lanky Austrian fella showing pictures of words spelled out of bits of rubbish and fences for some reason. It was actually really really good though, ended up going with our buddy Marzipan cos T wanted to stay in with the boyf, seein as he came up especially to see her. Anyway, after the talk and four pints later, we met up with some of the lads from college in Doyles.

Now, one of them, A, is a bit of all right and a sound enough fella but a bit of a dick when it comes to the girls. He had previously spent about a year messing one of T's friends around and is not what you'd call a boyfriend type, or someone that would be a good idea to get involved with. HOWEVER, I did shift him (love that phrase!) a few weeks ago at a house party, and maybe I shouldn't have but you know yourself, good idea at the time and all that, plus it had been longer than I care to say since I had kissed someone. So I hadn't seen him since then, and just carried on as normal, since I know it's not a big deal and had a great night dancing my socks off upstairs in Doyles. (still haven't managed to get rid of the stamp on my hand - is that a bit skanky?) Well anyway, the upshot of it all was that I ended up going back to the lads' house and sleeping in A's leaba, but that was because of the mysterious passenger-less taxis that don't seem to see the people frantically trying to flag them down at 3 in the morning. Now, nothing happened but there was a bit of touchy feely-ness going on, which was alright and quite nice actually if I'm honest, but nothing incriminating. But in the cold light of morning when the vodka and fake Red Bull had worn off, he got a bit ambitious and I got a lot sober, and realised I didn't want to be there so I legged it back to civilisation and got a taxi home. The taxi driver asked if I was going to work, (it was 8.30) which was some consolation as I must not have looked as rough as I felt. So sometimes the Walk of Shame isn't all that bad!

Still, at least I got my free posters.

And the knowledge that the possibility of a ride is there if it comes to it, albeit with a Toxic Boy.

Oh, I got a deadly silver horse necklace in Urban Outfitters, and I reckon the Thai cookie monster will win Big Brother. So there.


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