Thursday, June 12, 2008


i'm so friggin excited bout going on my holidays!! i have to do a day by day outfit rehearsal on friday and a night by night outfit rehearsal too. so excited bit worried bout the the belly wobble though have one pair of togs that a re beach worthy (ish) and the rest i use for the gym. anyway i hope the bikini (that's right i said bikini) arrives today or tomorrow and i don't have to collect it in the post office place. although i'm not holding my breath for the thing to look nice the last too things i got on the net ended up being cat! have to sent them back typical although its good cos i've no more money to buy stuff. anyway, the holiday, i've a good feelig about it although there is a bit of doubt in there too. don't really know a lot of the people going (its himselfs friends wedding) but sure i'll get to know them i suppose. i'll say a prayer just in case so that it goes well!

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