Tuesday, June 24, 2008

don't let the sun go down on me

so i'm back in eire. the weather was soo fecking hot in cyprus i actually melted, ie i lost a bit o' weight which was good but my arse got burnt which was bad. anyway pj and myself got on great drank the place dry literally they ran out of heiniken in one of the pubs and the local beer went in about a hour at the wedding. didn't make any friends for life but met a few people i can say hello to. it was hard because they all know each other for years and i don't really go out that much in thurles so i just kinda stuck to the BF. was a pity we didn't get to explore the place better, spent too much time drinking and messing. i'm still tired from it. my hair was and is a disaster some stoopid caw in there can't cut for shit my hair is waay too short i'm going to grow it anyway .

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