Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Benny 16

I love the messin' that's going on with the big giant billboard-type space outside the Point Depot. Kinda wish I'd taken photos of them all along, seeing as I pass it every day on the way to work but hey, better late than never bothering my arse to do it. Previous images included a photo of the Queen from back in the day in a lovely big poofy gĂșna, with a 'Coming Soon" headline. I was surprised that one managed to escape idiotic graffiti, seeing as the one of Dustin had "Dustin" stupidly scrawled on it. Why would you bother!? Muppets.

Oh, and I'm LOVING the news about TV3 doing an Irish version of The Apprentice with Bill Cullen, mostly because I can't wait to hear what Gift Grub will do with it, they couldn't have asked for a better story! And you just know the show itself will be shite, like the way Britain's Next Top Model always seems a bit cheap and rubbish compared to the American one. Only on a more shite scale.

Be de hokey cokey an' dat, yisser fired me old segotia.


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