Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2 Days till Rome!

Ok then, time for some updates. T Dog is slowly roasting in Cyprus this week, the jammy bint - although I'm off on my trip to Rome/Venice/London on Friday so I can't complain really. I've heard back from one of the lads I emailed the last day but I think we're running out of things to talk about already, especially since his replies are about three lines long.

HOWEVER, I did hear from a fella who completely won me over by emailing me a bunch of random Mighty Boosh quotes (yes, that probably is all it takes) and we've been getting along really well. He's hinted at meeting up when I get back from my Italian adventure, so I'm trying not to get too excited, seeing as that bit me right on the arse last time. He's cute and rather funny so I'll just have to wait and see. (Still though - YAY!)

I texted the Italian yesterday about meeting up, hoping that the Irish habit of not wanting to talk to someone properly and preferring a text had rubbed off on him by now. It didn't. He rang me back straightaway and said he wasn't sure if he could make it, but he'd ring today and let me know. In typical fashion, I forgot to bring my phone to work this morning so I'll have to wait till 5.30 to see if it's on or not tonight. I think I'd nearly prefer not to now, but all for stupid makey uppy reasons like I have to figure out what to pack for Friday, and I have to clean the house or it's raining. Both of which I do actually need to do and the last is true as of a half hour ago.

In other news...
Went on the lash in Cork with my friend Lady B at the weekend.
BBQ + Bulmers + the Roundy + vodka and Red Bull + random boys in drag + Jaeger shots + the Bodega + dancing + talking to strangers + more Jaeger + a lock-in courtesy of a ginger Italian fella = MONSTER hangover on Sunday. Followed by four and a half hours on an Aircoach. Nice.

Also, been watching Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic (had it taped since Easter, only getting round to it now), and absolutely loving the fact that Jeremy 'Ride me sideways' Irons is playing Lord Vetinari. In my head it was always Alan Rickman but Jeremy is also effing class and sexy enough to do it well. But why in the name of Jaysis have they given the best character in the series a fucking speech impediment!?


Update on the rain: it's now lashing. I'm not going anywhere tonight.

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