Monday, June 30, 2008

on my own........all alone.....

so i spent the week all by my lonesome cos herself was off galavanting around italy, was grand sooo boring though i don't know how anyone can live alone you'd end up talking to yourself just to hear something other than the telly ie day 24 in big brother house, she came back last night and we went for pints and a chat!! so now its that we've got up on eachothers weeks it's back to real life and... "are those your dishes!! i'm not cleaning them up!!"

anyway went home for the weekend didn't stir outside the door except too go to cinema to see narnia, was grand (ish) bit silly near the end!

anyway nothing too big to report on the boyfriend front had row made up had row made up,

exciting stuff

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

don't let the sun go down on me

so i'm back in eire. the weather was soo fecking hot in cyprus i actually melted, ie i lost a bit o' weight which was good but my arse got burnt which was bad. anyway pj and myself got on great drank the place dry literally they ran out of heiniken in one of the pubs and the local beer went in about a hour at the wedding. didn't make any friends for life but met a few people i can say hello to. it was hard because they all know each other for years and i don't really go out that much in thurles so i just kinda stuck to the BF. was a pity we didn't get to explore the place better, spent too much time drinking and messing. i'm still tired from it. my hair was and is a disaster some stoopid caw in there can't cut for shit my hair is waay too short i'm going to grow it anyway .

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2 Days till Rome!

Ok then, time for some updates. T Dog is slowly roasting in Cyprus this week, the jammy bint - although I'm off on my trip to Rome/Venice/London on Friday so I can't complain really. I've heard back from one of the lads I emailed the last day but I think we're running out of things to talk about already, especially since his replies are about three lines long.

HOWEVER, I did hear from a fella who completely won me over by emailing me a bunch of random Mighty Boosh quotes (yes, that probably is all it takes) and we've been getting along really well. He's hinted at meeting up when I get back from my Italian adventure, so I'm trying not to get too excited, seeing as that bit me right on the arse last time. He's cute and rather funny so I'll just have to wait and see. (Still though - YAY!)

I texted the Italian yesterday about meeting up, hoping that the Irish habit of not wanting to talk to someone properly and preferring a text had rubbed off on him by now. It didn't. He rang me back straightaway and said he wasn't sure if he could make it, but he'd ring today and let me know. In typical fashion, I forgot to bring my phone to work this morning so I'll have to wait till 5.30 to see if it's on or not tonight. I think I'd nearly prefer not to now, but all for stupid makey uppy reasons like I have to figure out what to pack for Friday, and I have to clean the house or it's raining. Both of which I do actually need to do and the last is true as of a half hour ago.

In other news...
Went on the lash in Cork with my friend Lady B at the weekend.
BBQ + Bulmers + the Roundy + vodka and Red Bull + random boys in drag + Jaeger shots + the Bodega + dancing + talking to strangers + more Jaeger + a lock-in courtesy of a ginger Italian fella = MONSTER hangover on Sunday. Followed by four and a half hours on an Aircoach. Nice.

Also, been watching Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic (had it taped since Easter, only getting round to it now), and absolutely loving the fact that Jeremy 'Ride me sideways' Irons is playing Lord Vetinari. In my head it was always Alan Rickman but Jeremy is also effing class and sexy enough to do it well. But why in the name of Jaysis have they given the best character in the series a fucking speech impediment!?


Update on the rain: it's now lashing. I'm not going anywhere tonight.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Where's Cilla when you need her?

Right. I've been neglecting the whole Internet dating yoke for a while now, since I got the cold shoulder back along from Topcat. So I've been encouraged by the lovely ladies who blather on not to give up on it. I've been talking a bit to an Italiano who seems sound enough and we've both sort of vaguely suggested meeting up at some point, so maybe I'll actually bite the bullet and go through with it. The thing I've found with these kind of sites though is that it's always the same faces that keep popping up, so it's nearly better to forget about it for a while and then see who's new. So I went on the prowl for new blood today (sounds so predatory-I'm really not though!) and messaged two fellas so we'll see what happens.

(Liza Minelli voice): Maybeee thissss tiiimmmmme!



i'm so friggin excited bout going on my holidays!! i have to do a day by day outfit rehearsal on friday and a night by night outfit rehearsal too. so excited bit worried bout the the belly wobble though have one pair of togs that a re beach worthy (ish) and the rest i use for the gym. anyway i hope the bikini (that's right i said bikini) arrives today or tomorrow and i don't have to collect it in the post office place. although i'm not holding my breath for the thing to look nice the last too things i got on the net ended up being cat! have to sent them back typical although its good cos i've no more money to buy stuff. anyway, the holiday, i've a good feelig about it although there is a bit of doubt in there too. don't really know a lot of the people going (its himselfs friends wedding) but sure i'll get to know them i suppose. i'll say a prayer just in case so that it goes well!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Benny 16

I love the messin' that's going on with the big giant billboard-type space outside the Point Depot. Kinda wish I'd taken photos of them all along, seeing as I pass it every day on the way to work but hey, better late than never bothering my arse to do it. Previous images included a photo of the Queen from back in the day in a lovely big poofy gĂșna, with a 'Coming Soon" headline. I was surprised that one managed to escape idiotic graffiti, seeing as the one of Dustin had "Dustin" stupidly scrawled on it. Why would you bother!? Muppets.

Oh, and I'm LOVING the news about TV3 doing an Irish version of The Apprentice with Bill Cullen, mostly because I can't wait to hear what Gift Grub will do with it, they couldn't have asked for a better story! And you just know the show itself will be shite, like the way Britain's Next Top Model always seems a bit cheap and rubbish compared to the American one. Only on a more shite scale.

Be de hokey cokey an' dat, yisser fired me old segotia.


Monday, June 09, 2008

Weekend shenanigans

Interesting weekend.

Went to Sagmeister/Non Format talk on Saturday in The Sugar Club. Needless to say, the nerd count was through the roof seeing as normal people like to go out on a Saturday night and wouldn't be too happy to listen to a lanky Austrian fella showing pictures of words spelled out of bits of rubbish and fences for some reason. It was actually really really good though, ended up going with our buddy Marzipan cos T wanted to stay in with the boyf, seein as he came up especially to see her. Anyway, after the talk and four pints later, we met up with some of the lads from college in Doyles.

Now, one of them, A, is a bit of all right and a sound enough fella but a bit of a dick when it comes to the girls. He had previously spent about a year messing one of T's friends around and is not what you'd call a boyfriend type, or someone that would be a good idea to get involved with. HOWEVER, I did shift him (love that phrase!) a few weeks ago at a house party, and maybe I shouldn't have but you know yourself, good idea at the time and all that, plus it had been longer than I care to say since I had kissed someone. So I hadn't seen him since then, and just carried on as normal, since I know it's not a big deal and had a great night dancing my socks off upstairs in Doyles. (still haven't managed to get rid of the stamp on my hand - is that a bit skanky?) Well anyway, the upshot of it all was that I ended up going back to the lads' house and sleeping in A's leaba, but that was because of the mysterious passenger-less taxis that don't seem to see the people frantically trying to flag them down at 3 in the morning. Now, nothing happened but there was a bit of touchy feely-ness going on, which was alright and quite nice actually if I'm honest, but nothing incriminating. But in the cold light of morning when the vodka and fake Red Bull had worn off, he got a bit ambitious and I got a lot sober, and realised I didn't want to be there so I legged it back to civilisation and got a taxi home. The taxi driver asked if I was going to work, (it was 8.30) which was some consolation as I must not have looked as rough as I felt. So sometimes the Walk of Shame isn't all that bad!

Still, at least I got my free posters.

And the knowledge that the possibility of a ride is there if it comes to it, albeit with a Toxic Boy.

Oh, I got a deadly silver horse necklace in Urban Outfitters, and I reckon the Thai cookie monster will win Big Brother. So there.


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

so it's friggin' raining

well that's nice isn't it you put away your winter coat/jacket/pants/shoes decide to leave the LIGHT jacket at home and wear a little cardy. you walk to work thinking "ahh another grand soft day, sure the kids have exams it's bound to be warm". You get to work, sit down, turn on the computer, look out the window, then, suddenly a big fecking ugly looking cloud decides to loom over your office block, then you realised, i took the weather for granted, AH SHITE! and with your face the rain drops.


welcome to winter, now where's me umbrella.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hooray for Bank Holidays!

Isn't it amazing how great it is to have a Monday off? A long weekend followed by a four day week has got to be one the best inventions in calendardom it's flippin brilliant! So now we get to have that Friday feeling a day early yay! Me and T Dog are going to a design talk by Stefan Sagmeister this Saturday (oh yeah, we're well cultured) so that should be good. Well, there'll surely be free posters anyway, and we'll get to feel like we haven't totally sold our Junior Designer souls to the world of brochure and newspaper ad design by attending. Surely.

And according to the fountain of sort of reliable knowledge that is Wikipedia..

Stefan Sagmeister (born 1962 in Bregenz, Austria) is a graphic designer and typographer currently based in New York City. He has his own design firm, Sagmeister Inc. He has designed album covers for Lou Reed, the Rolling Stones, David Byrne, Aerosmith and Pat Metheny.