Monday, May 12, 2008

weeekend fun


so here's how the really nice weekend went:

friday- went to gym ran the shit out of it to MGMTs "time to pretend" hand a dirty chinese to balance the universe snuggled up on the couch with a bottle of wine and friday night tv. after the third glass at about 11:30 i looked at kitty and suggested we go to my friend A's party so we did!! so much for staying in and saving money!! went to whealan's. didn't get home till the wee hours good laugh though.

Saturday- woke up with a head on me. STATE! realised i had polished off two bottles of (wine hangover uhg...). sick as a dog all sat morn. so went into town and bought the most beautiful pink guna. very bree van de camp love it didn't go out though watched the repeat of the apprentice, i'm mad i am.

Sunday- went for afternoon lunch with the cailinis (liquid) bought a very expensive shirt in urban outfitters saved nothing!!

good weekend was had by all!!

(i missed the BF though)

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