Friday, May 09, 2008

t'weekend here's

so its the weekend suppose to be nice, fecking better be nice tomor, have to try and stay in and save some mula this weekend, i'm faked tanned up to the last nearly knocked myself out with the pong this morn.

i might have some wine tonight and maybe a chinese after the gym. i'm now just under 11st instead of being just over it! still better than nothin i suppose.

himself is off to Galway for the wkend to a stag do. feck sake more money. the wedding is out foreign and costs a small african country's debt and they expect the bf to spent prob the same amount in Galway this weekend and i suppose they expect a present aswell they most think we're all shitting money!! i wanted to go to NYC this year but we have to go over this wedding now instead, grrrr..... AND i'm going to be as pale over there this dog don't tan AT ALL. going to try the juice master's diet before i go.

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