Tuesday, May 20, 2008

shoop shoop de doop

Had a fairly uninteresting weekend just gone, T went home to see the Boyf (I really need to get one of those...) and the girls were either i nGallaimh or studying for some exam or other, so the TV was my friend instead. It's just as well weekend TV is really good or I would've gone out of my tree, hooray for Doctor Who and Jonathan Ross! On the interwebby dating scene, got talking to a seemingly sound fella, a tomcat to my kittycat, you could say. Anyway it was all going well and I had a really good feeling about it, so we decided to meet up on Saturday. I sent him my number, to which he replied that he'd text me his right away and then we could sort out times etc. That was on Wednesday and still no text. Twunt. I'm flipping nice and I'm not a crazy person so what's the dealio? Stupid boys.

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