Monday, May 26, 2008

monday o'clock

Was back home in Waterford for the weekend, miraculously managed to get there and back without any train-related drama, seeing as nearly every line was banjaxed thanks to the Cork drivers, I was one of the lucky few I reckon! T was at Bruce with her sisters there last night and was supposed to be staying with me in my room cos we had a full house, the idea being that she could hop into the leaba beside me without making too much noise and waking me up. However, this was T after all so instead of quietly getting in next to me, she managed to fall on top of me and pull half the curtain down off the rail in the process, in true T fashion! And by all accounts, Bruce is a RIDE in his tight jeans, much as I suspected.

So myself and T are going to the preview screening of Sex and the City on Wednesday and I'm so flippin excited! I won tickets to it on the lovely lovely so I need to figure out what to wear, definitely need new shooooes for it. My tickets came in the post at work today and my boss opened it by accident, I'd say he was a bit confused as to why someone would randomly send him SATC tickets with the promise of free vodka cocktails beforehand! Just as well the Apprentice is on Tuesday this week, else there would have been a serious clash of interests right there! *kick Michael out, kick Michael out*

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