Thursday, May 29, 2008

Famous Feet

Mine and T's feet have gone national, having appeared on the news on RTE 2! Oh the dizzying heights of foot fame! Just as well I bought kick ass schexy shoes for it! The SATC film was good, not brilliant or anything but I think when you've watced the show and you like the characters it's great to see what they get up to! The clothes and shoes (and I'm not usually one to gush about these things) were AMAZING! It did seem like they wrote the scenes around what the girls were wearing in places though! But well worth going to see. I think we managed to loiter in the background shots of Xposé and Ireland AM, now we just have to see if our photo made it into any of the papers...


so we went to the Sex and the City VIP screening last swit swoo. was pretty class i wasn't too pushed about seeing the film but sure then herself won the tickets and we went in to girlie mode. k bought a guna and really pretty red shoes. she looked luverly. was cool and the feet got on the news too!! get me!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

hi i'm bruce

went to see the legend that is bruce on sunday what a fecking legend and what a ride!! jesus if ever there was a advertisement for tight jeans on men then there it is PHEW!! had the family up at the weekend was nice to have them around in my gaff just wish the house would stay tidy! i give it a good tiding and boom its gets all messy again.

got my bridesmaid guna it's lovely a sort of heather colour dress (purple) full length. wanted to get one i'd wear again but sure i'll go to a ball or something wit it. have to get shoes nows too for it and they are going to be class fo sho. thinking of getting the irregular choice shoes. maybe mmmmm shoes.

Monday, May 26, 2008

monday o'clock

Was back home in Waterford for the weekend, miraculously managed to get there and back without any train-related drama, seeing as nearly every line was banjaxed thanks to the Cork drivers, I was one of the lucky few I reckon! T was at Bruce with her sisters there last night and was supposed to be staying with me in my room cos we had a full house, the idea being that she could hop into the leaba beside me without making too much noise and waking me up. However, this was T after all so instead of quietly getting in next to me, she managed to fall on top of me and pull half the curtain down off the rail in the process, in true T fashion! And by all accounts, Bruce is a RIDE in his tight jeans, much as I suspected.

So myself and T are going to the preview screening of Sex and the City on Wednesday and I'm so flippin excited! I won tickets to it on the lovely lovely so I need to figure out what to wear, definitely need new shooooes for it. My tickets came in the post at work today and my boss opened it by accident, I'd say he was a bit confused as to why someone would randomly send him SATC tickets with the promise of free vodka cocktails beforehand! Just as well the Apprentice is on Tuesday this week, else there would have been a serious clash of interests right there! *kick Michael out, kick Michael out*

Friday, May 23, 2008


got my ticket to see bruce for BF yesterday can't wait to give it to him stuff like that doesn't usually work out for us we can't surprise each other someone or something always fucks it up. but i have the ticket now stuck up on the wall eep... can't wait to see the look on his face! although knowing him he'll just say oh thanks and that will be it. he is the worst person to give a present to his reactions are crap where as i get all excited and jumpy he just says thanks and thats it stays sitting there, typical. :-D

Thursday, May 22, 2008


DISGUSTED that Raef was fired last night! How could Sir Alan let slimy, horrible, smug tosser Michael get away AGAIN! Also was shocked that his team lost in the first place, the Atishu ad was a headwrecker (I hear they're antibacterial - alright, we get it!), although it was nice to see Alex be on a winning team for once. Not sure who I'd want to win the series now, maybe dippy Lucinda, just for the "no...naughty, naughty, naughty" bit, she's gas!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

shoop shoop de doop

Had a fairly uninteresting weekend just gone, T went home to see the Boyf (I really need to get one of those...) and the girls were either i nGallaimh or studying for some exam or other, so the TV was my friend instead. It's just as well weekend TV is really good or I would've gone out of my tree, hooray for Doctor Who and Jonathan Ross! On the interwebby dating scene, got talking to a seemingly sound fella, a tomcat to my kittycat, you could say. Anyway it was all going well and I had a really good feeling about it, so we decided to meet up on Saturday. I sent him my number, to which he replied that he'd text me his right away and then we could sort out times etc. That was on Wednesday and still no text. Twunt. I'm flipping nice and I'm not a crazy person so what's the dealio? Stupid boys.

measuring tape

i've lost 2" of my hips since last week wish i'd starting doing that at the start then i'd know what fits

Friday, May 16, 2008


hope this works

:-) :-D :-O ;-) :-/ >:-/

Monday, May 12, 2008

weeekend fun


so here's how the really nice weekend went:

friday- went to gym ran the shit out of it to MGMTs "time to pretend" hand a dirty chinese to balance the universe snuggled up on the couch with a bottle of wine and friday night tv. after the third glass at about 11:30 i looked at kitty and suggested we go to my friend A's party so we did!! so much for staying in and saving money!! went to whealan's. didn't get home till the wee hours good laugh though.

Saturday- woke up with a head on me. STATE! realised i had polished off two bottles of (wine hangover uhg...). sick as a dog all sat morn. so went into town and bought the most beautiful pink guna. very bree van de camp love it didn't go out though watched the repeat of the apprentice, i'm mad i am.

Sunday- went for afternoon lunch with the cailinis (liquid) bought a very expensive shirt in urban outfitters saved nothing!!

good weekend was had by all!!

(i missed the BF though)

Friday, May 09, 2008

t'weekend here's

so its the weekend suppose to be nice, fecking better be nice tomor, have to try and stay in and save some mula this weekend, i'm faked tanned up to the last nearly knocked myself out with the pong this morn.

i might have some wine tonight and maybe a chinese after the gym. i'm now just under 11st instead of being just over it! still better than nothin i suppose.

himself is off to Galway for the wkend to a stag do. feck sake more money. the wedding is out foreign and costs a small african country's debt and they expect the bf to spent prob the same amount in Galway this weekend and i suppose they expect a present aswell they most think we're all shitting money!! i wanted to go to NYC this year but we have to go over this wedding now instead, grrrr..... AND i'm going to be as pale over there this dog don't tan AT ALL. going to try the juice master's diet before i go.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

do you wana drink some alcohol

Going to CSS/Futureheads gig tonight, yippee! Trying to decide if I'll break out the glow sticks or save them for Electric Picnic..pity it's a midweek gig but it should be good craic! Oh and the sunshine lately is flippin' LOVELY! Hooray for SUVs!