Wednesday, April 16, 2008

gym and drinking bottles of wodka

so i'm doing the whole gym thing at the mo feel really good but i don't see any difference in waist, hips, boobs, thighs, belly and last but not least ass!! oh well maybe we'll see him next year (ref: kellog corn flake ad there)

the water is off at work some gombeen i.e. a construction worker hit a main water line thing and now we don't have any water i'm bursting for a wee since 12:30 today!!!

herself has a hot date tonight (cue: let's get it on, marvin gay) she says shes not nervous but when she stands outside the pub then she'll feel pretty stupid for not wearing a clean pair of knickers and shaving the legs!! mark my words.

apprentice tonight missed it last week because i had a social life last wednesday! that alex fella ticks all the right boxes. HE'S GORGEOUS.

went out on friday and sat. drank most of the vodka in the pub practically cleaned them out of the stuff, so why stop there we got a take away, big fecking bottle of absolute and drank all of that. sat is just one big blur to me now, drinking is just not cool!! don't remember going home, lovely! classy lady! i think i shouted at some fella that he looks like james mcavoy, actually it was a beige james mcavoy! lovely. AND i fell on my ass AND i wore sunglasses inside at 2am cos thats the cool thing to do!! God! will i ever learn....

i'm actually asking that god by the way if you read this blog, and are trying to keep up with young people these days. so leave a comment with your reply cheers man.


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