Thursday, March 27, 2008

i'm eating a mandrin

so a bit more busy this week than last week.

still going to the gym but i don't get the timetable for the pool?? i mean your paying for a service!! anyway don't see any difference in the size of my ass or hips?? although my mother seems to think i've toned up? up to what though, up to nothing!!

watched the apprentice last nite that alex fella is a fecking hottie!! (and the obsession with reality tv goes on) the state of yer man who lost with those sunclasses?? don't you have to have a pair to pull of aviators??? he's a wank stain as is that raef fella one word GIT!!!

ciao bella

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

bored at work/rant

apparently we're really busy at the mo. especially this week as its a, La la la la la la la three day week!! but 'm bored out of my vagisil filled box! so i'll t'update the fecking blog. i'll try to write more eack week but i'm so lazy its rodoculos! joined a gym last week i prefer to pronouce it the way homer simpson does.

"a gym? whats a gym?.....oh a gym?" you have to watch the episode to get the picture.

so yea i joined the gym my legs dunno what's hit them

"why are you running?? your not going anywhere!" said my legs and ass.

went out on sunday and realised that i'm not a young wan anymore. those fecking byotches and there bad dress sense why do the have to shout too!

"ahhh your loke sew cool in thot outfit dee"
"oh thonks molindoh its from bt"

would you ever fuck off with your bt shite, looks like it came from the bargain bin in sue ryder! these are the children of the same cows that come into restaurants and cafes and ask for a "skinny chino" a skinny chino my fat arse, you'll have a cappachino with low fat milk or better yet you'll have a cup of tea!!

anyway better stop ranting now, i sound bitter. i mean not all young wans have bad dress sense obviously, but they could put in a bit of originality into what they wear. ugg boots and juicy tracksuits seem to be a uniform at this stage.

as always i looked fobolous!!