Wednesday, February 27, 2008

it's cold outside

what is with the friggin' wind in this fecking city i have to hold on to the railings crossing the fecking bridge to get to work its crazy, dunno whether or not to go home this wkend?? its mammy's day after all on sunday. i dunno i'll have to think about it.

still reading the micheal palin diaries there really good better than a auto biography i think cos you know what they were feeling on what day. as a result i'm getting more and more in to monthy python and palin. seemed like a lot of fun however they do seem to get bitter with each other, but ultimately they share this really good sense of humour that is still relevent today!

it's still cold outside.

Friday, February 15, 2008

valentine's and all that

so yesterday was valentines but my valentines is tonight going for my din dins somewhere at home looking forward to it (ish) went out for a bit last nite had a good auld chit chat with the cailini's.
booked tickets to one of the films in the dublin film fest should be good,

"t**s so like whor you going on froday"

"oh i'm going to see this film, its a black comedy but one that is ultimately sad and rather moving. in the end."


ciao dudes

my brain isn't working gtoday

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

what the fudge??

i love london apart from crazy crack whores who live in, i'm sorry if you think it's cool but i think it looks like a dumb, shoreditch. and it smells like one too.

spent a small african country's debt on vodka and topshop. but sure fuck it my ipod is a product red.

just discovered "velvet crunch" tayto's fucking delicious. and there only 81 calories!!

so the healthy eating thing is working out dunno if i've lost any actual weight but i i have lost pretend weight.

Actual weight = what it says on the tin proper pinch an inch weight
Pretend weight = that awful feeling you get at night when you think you've eaten the entire contents of your kitchen including the wrappers! ie snacking