Wednesday, January 16, 2008

men's packaging

so i have to design a box (no pun intended) for men's underwear i've just looked it up on the net and i'm staring at a full page of large ........??? i know i shouldn't but all i can do is laugh!! we're going to the photo shoot too i won't be able to stop laughing, very mature. we have an old box in the office, and i'm a professional this shouldn't make me laugh but everyone eye's are trying to avoid the one spot we all want to look at the box?? so everyone is talking about ideas and concepts for the surface graphics but no one is looking at each other we're all facing a wall or looking out a window.

"yea so if we had a window on the front to show the colour of brief, this could be a design element, you know, one, could bring it in to the design or....."(in my head all i'm thinking is -hee hee hee hee look at his willy!!-)

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