Tuesday, January 29, 2008

another blog another year

howdy, had the best wkend ever!! was in london da'ling/baby (pick your favourite) was class! i love london i WILL live there eventually, it has such a different vibe to dublin, i'm not saying that i don't love dublin i do its great. but london is london.

got rat arsed on fri and a little scared on saturday by a crazy mo fo beeootch!! shopped the shit out it, my bank balance is weeping but fuck it!! love that houmous place love that little tea shop love the big fuck off topshop, love the south bank walk (is that what its called??) AND we saw jimmi fecking mystery!! does he count as a celebrity ?

ahh nearly in my late 20's eep!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

men's packaging

so i have to design a box (no pun intended) for men's underwear i've just looked it up on the net and i'm staring at a full page of large ........??? i know i shouldn't but all i can do is laugh!! we're going to the photo shoot too i won't be able to stop laughing, very mature. we have an old box in the office, and i'm a professional this shouldn't make me laugh but everyone eye's are trying to avoid the one spot we all want to look at the box?? so everyone is talking about ideas and concepts for the surface graphics but no one is looking at each other we're all facing a wall or looking out a window.

"yea so if we had a window on the front to show the colour of brief, this could be a design element, you know, one, could bring it in to the design or....."(in my head all i'm thinking is -hee hee hee hee look at his willy!!-)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

healthy, me??

so i'm trying to stay healthy. i went shopping yesterday and bought the entire contents of the Tesco fruit and Veg dept!! and lobbed in a couple of seeds and beans for good measure. i have a spare tire on me lately that looks like it could rival anything a monster truck could through at me! so sick of being of being fat!! this time 5ish yrs ago, i was a lovely 9 st and in school i was 8.5 so what the frig happened man?? men thats what and more importantly my fella with his chinese food and italian takeaways!! have to lose weight i want to lose at least a stone. have a wedding in november so that leaves me loads of time to lose my arse hips and belly! i hope.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

No more Christmas

so christmas is over, oh well santa was good to me though got a new ipod, ah yeeeeaa mutha fucker!! had a nice few days at home but everyone at home is getting married and having babies! so i left before anyone asked me! (dying for a poo)