Tuesday, December 18, 2007


so we had a crimbo party at the wkend, actually sorry we had a CHRISTMAS party i actually hate the word crimbo and xmas its friggin' christmas people!! no body seems to abrieviate halloween or easter (x-ween x-ter i don't think so)

anyway we had our party and i awoke to find not one, not two, i lost count after the third one, bruises on my leg, arm, body, pretty much everywhere except the face, (thank god, i'm far too pretty) anyway from what i do remember it was pretty schweet! everyone there looked like they were having a good time (through the drunken blur that is)

anyway it was good although i could of been talking to the lads about anything really, "my heavy period" "my last orgasm" anyway there still talking to me so i don't think it was that horrible. i probably put my usually comedy spin on the whole thing (?) maybe... well... i dunno.

The house was so smelly the next day thank god for the cleaning pixies ie K, thank you !!

Speaking of christmas parties i have my work party this thursday eeepp. first social outing with them!!
Two bosses - one doesn't listen and the other thinks he's the funniest thing to come out of his desk since the invention of the paper clip?? anyway i hope to leave after the dinner (indian, that won't pretty the next morn) because i have YET another party on fri wit me bezzie mates. result.


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