Friday, December 21, 2007

changed her tune..

So, last night I was all settled down on the sofa about to watch The Mighty Boosh when I got a phone call from T: "Come out! Come on, we're drinking champage! and C's friend is coming in too go on! I'm going to ring you again in a half hour and you better be on your way" and stuff to that effect. No way, I've been out drinking something like 6 nights out of the last week and a half and I had work this morning and my own Christmas work thing which I'm about to embark on. Anyway, she fell in the door at some point during the night and woke me up to tell me they had champagne and saw a drag show. Then she goes to give me a little kiss goodnight and burps on me instead. Charming. Thanks, T. :-)

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